Cocos Nylon Hell Pt 2 `This Is Fun`

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Length:28 minutes Size:1178 MB Resolution:1920x1080
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Here is part 2! Coco is a sweet heart model but she moves SO DAMN MUCH. So her custom fan quickly asked for a second custom and wanted an INTENSE tie for this one. So me and Coco made a deal. I would tickle her feet only and leave her arms untied. She agreed and I tied her feet up. I start underneath her feet so she cannot see what I am doing. I slide my fingers on her unsuspecting soft soles and she immediately begins SCREAMING and laughing. This time she can move but not much so her struggling barely helps. But I am not done here. I get up and sit on her legs now getting MORE into her nylons. She crunches her toes but it is to no avail. she screams and LAUGHS realizing she cannot go ANYWHERE. I have her soles STUCK and STRETCHED as I grab a brush. She stretches the nylons out attempting to get away but I learn something. The tops of Cocos feet are ticklish. I that and when she lifts her feet up I stretch her toes back going in EVEN MORE. I then add another element to the mix, our foot massage tool. It vibrates and Coco HATES IT. Now after coco is sweaty and a mess she sits up and rips her nylons off for me. I lightly tickle her before I begin toe tying her. She is so sensitive even this tickles as she giggles and fights to be still. I tie them tight and as I begin tickling Cocos now bare and HYPER sensitive soles she FIGHTS pulling her feet back but the toe ties make them go NOWHERE. All she really does is hide her heels from me but those toes and the pads of her feet are ALL available for me. With the combination of Oil, fingers, and the tool she LOSES it. But then to be a little mean I go up top and lay on her tickling her knees and thighs. She screams and laughs before the video ultimately ends! This is shot in POV style and very close. rn
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